The musical frame of a wedding, being both a solemn and festive event, needs to be wisely tailored to the bride’s and groom’s tastes.
Exactly like a good makeup, natural and discrete, the wedding-party soundtrack has to accompany every single moment of the event without any interference, creating the perfect atmosphere according to the moment. If accurately chosen and coordinated, it becomes the invisible central thread of the party, precious and necessary to set the proper timing of the event.


• The wedding service

The musical choice for the wedding service, either civil or religious, needs a lot of attention since it is going to represent the notes through which the bride and the groom are about to face the big step in presence of their families and dear ones. That’s why every single moment of the celebration needs to have the appropriate background music. Remember that music is an integral part of such an important day, therefore it has to be accurately chosen and played.


• The cocktail hour

The cocktail hour is when you look at one another furtively and, having a sliver of Parmesan and a glass of sparkling wine, you whisper and make comments on your friend’s dress and the mother-in-law’s shoes. It would be such a pity either to interrupt or simply unsettle such a moment, when the guests, all still upright, start to smell the air. The musical discretion and the right volume are almost essential in such a context; however, it is important to highlight, through the appropriate musical choices, that the cocktail hour represents the transition moment between the solemnity of the ceremony and the playfulness of the party.


• The convivial moment (either lunch or dinner)

In order not to weigh down the hubbub and the buzz that, unfortunately or luckily, inevitably accompany the courses that follow one another, it makes sense to opt for a wired-wireless playlist, chosen by the bride and the groom, if you wish. You may choose to include sporadic moments of live music between courses. The bride and the groom may agree such participation in accordance to their wishes.
According to the location and the tables arrangement, and if the spouses wish so, you may opt for a constant background of live music with an accurate chosen repertoire, which needs to be a company for the guests without being intrusive at the same time. Even in this case, we could start to invite the audience and the guests of honour themselves to enjoy their first dance, the one with their parents, the best man and the maid of honour… and so on…
If properly held in your hands, music can intensify the flavours of the dishes, the smell of flowers, the bride’s and the groom’s happiness.


• The open bar

From the moment the open bar is open, your thought will exclusively be to run wild and leave any restraint under the table to get along with the pumps and high-heeled shoes. Usually, rhythms, volumes and alcoholic level remarkably increase. Thanks to the right selection of appropriate music, you will see the 75-year-old grandma dancing along with the 16-year-old niece who has a nose ring. For everyone’s happiness and spouses’ peace of mind.


• Special moments

The special moments are those ones that, traditionally, need to be musically highlighted and emphasized: the Bride’s and the Groom’s entrance, the first dance as a married couple, the dance with parents… Music will be nothing more than a catalyst of emotions and attention towards those ones who are the real and effective stars of the day.

During a wedding, music is the soul and personality of the event itself, it is the detail that is going to enhance the elegance of the location chosen, the atmosphere and the beauty of the location and it is going to make you enjoy the good meal offered.
During the reception, music should never be too loud to attract your guests’ attention, but it should be background music for the convivial moment, in order to create the atmosphere and let people pleasantly chat.
The musicians’ outfit is very important as well, elegance and simplicity are always appropriate!
These few lines are meant to help the bride and the groom in their choice for the music service of the wedding, through a piece of practical advice in order to avoid the most common mistakes.

The choice

  • How to chose the musicians' designed position

    The area that you are going to decide to arrange for the Music is fundamental. First of all, be sure that you have the adequate area to host the audio position, a corner of the room, a gazebo, a small stage equipped with a socket and, if outdoor, be sure it is covered and possibly in a flat position. Please, verify it is an area that could overlook everything, pay attention not to make musicians play in a place that differ from the one chosen for the wedding feast, in a too decentralized position, where the guests may not see or listen to them, otherwise it will be impossible for them to interact.

    The wedding feasts do not always take place in the same areas, actually, nowadays, locations, more and more beautiful and stylish, offer more areas and spaces where the various moments of the reception may take place. Be sure that, in case you may need two different music positions (i.e. cocktail outdoor and wedding dinner indoor), musicians will have a double equipment. Imagine a party, a wedding where, while you are talking and enjoying great food and wine, someone “moves” and arranges cables on the other side…

  • How to choose the musical genre

    Having an idea of the musical genre you would like to propose during your wedding is crucial, since the kind of music you offer represents the style of the reception itself.
    The choice to make is either to give an elegant and refined tone to the whole reception or to opt afterwards, for the second part, for a cheerful and lively atmosphere as well.
    The wedding asks for a defined etiquette and certain music may be surely inappropriate (i.e. Metal, Hard Rock, Punk…). Classic music, jazz music, swing, pop/soul are the ideal music genres for receptions where music would prevail in background and where dance music is not required.

    On the other hand, POP MUSIC represents the most appropriate choice in receptions where music is the background for the welcome cocktail and where it will involve guests on the dance floor. This will give continuity to the event, renewing it during the different phases.

  • How many musicians and which kind of team

    Once the musical genre is chosen, you may decide whether you prefer entirely live music, i.e. with a band music, or a single musician who uses pre-recorded accompaniment.
    In the first case, sound will be perfect for the welcome cocktail and, if the music band is the right one, it will be for the dance part as well. In the second case, you may offer acoustic music for the welcome cocktail and carry on with the pre-recorded accompaniment.
    Please, make sure, in the last case, that the singer/musician is able to choose the repertoire properly and that he/she is going to use high-quality pre-recorded accompaniment, especially for the dance part.

    If you opt for a jazz or swing acoustic atmosphere, a TRIO is preferred.
    For classical music, a pianist or a harp player might be enough, unless you may prefer for a trio or a string quartet or simply a duo with guitar and violin.
    For light music small groups “in solo” (singer), duo (singer and musical instrument) or trio, even better!
    If you love music and you dream about an original soundtrack for your wedding, you may choose as common denominator, the voice of a singer accompanied by one live musical instrument at least, either a piano or a guitar or a sax or violin, in order to create and even more magical atmosphere.

    Please consider that, if you choose a high number of musicians, the price will increase proportionally. If there are more than three people, the trip will affect costs, since it will involve more cars for the transfer.

  • The Dj set

    Dj Set: the choice of live musicians/singers is delicate, but I believe it is the best one, with more personalities and warmth! The emotion that a singer may convey is never going to be the same one offered by a dj.
    The DJ set may be perfect for the dance part or to carry on the party late at night or if you ask for a musical dance genre that cannot be performed as live music.

  • Which songs to choose

    There is no precise scheme to follow, it is impossible to have an already scheduled playlist. I have been asked to manage the music side for a wedding in a very soft and delicate way, offering a dance repertoire after the wedding cake, or to start with dance music already during the dinner. Most of it depends on guests and the bride and the groom, on their personalities and expectations which are always different… this is why every live team and every wedding need to be custom-made!

  • Bureaucratic details: SIAE

    The SIAE (Società Italiana Autori ed Editori) authorization is up to the one who organizes the event (in this case, it is in charge of the spouses).
    It has to be requested regardless of the kind of music service you have chosen (live band, singer, dj or simply the use of cd).

    A communication to the SIAE that you are getting married is enough, you must have the authorization for your wedding reception and party, informing about the exact name of the location, the number of guests and the kind of party you are going to have, i.e. if you are going to have music to dance or not (only music to listen to).
    You only have to look for it on google, there are many SIAE local offices and agencies. The regional offices, anyway, give all the information you need and the contact details of the agency near your area. Now it is possible to do all permits also online.

In details…

  • Style

    Personally speaking, I propose my own style that blends with the bride’s and the groom’s tastes every time with particularly attention to their guests so that everyone may feel involved in the party and “cuddled up” by the music. I have to follow your guidelines decided together, but I have to be always ready to manage any change as well…
    … every wedding is a different story to be told and I believe that party should reflect the spouses as much as possible, from the romantic and traditional ones to those more unconventional, without losing the singer’s style and personality obviously.

    Anyway, the constants will be DISCRETION and ELEGANCE which I reckon to be fundamental during a wedding reception.
    Romantic moments will definitely be part of the party interchanged with funny ones or moments of uninhibited dance when guests will feel more involved. The pace of the day will have to follow its own natural course and guests should not feel forced by the presence of the music and entertainment.

  • Repertoire

    In addition to my presence as a singer, I am at your disposal to value together with the guests of honor and any wedding planner, the best music proposal. I am fortunate enough to work with competent colleagues, ready to offer creativity and professionalism, helping me in reaching the common goal to meet the most different needs or requests.
    We plan which kind of music to play with the bride and the groom, trying to meet their music tastes and offering a piece of advice on the kind of music to choose in accordance to the target of the invited people as well.

    Normally, wedding guests are of different ages and, consequently, they have a different music culture; trying to make everyone happy or most of them at least, as well as the guests of honor, is a way to make the memory of such day even more unforgettable.
    My style, my personality and kindness are going to be the theme, starting from soft atmosphere of the cocktail increasing until the end of the big day!
    I offer a wide repertoire which can please every kind of audience and situation.

    For the welcome cocktail I love to play songs taken from yesterday and today Italian music repertoire, from the slow dance to the most sparkling one, revisited in an acoustic reconstruction. Of easy listening although particular, delicate but sparkling, suitable to those moments when music is only a frame.
    During the convivial moment at the table, I advise to use a wired wireless musical entertainment simply, associated to live participation from time to time in order to “cuddle up” your guests, leaving them to carry on chatting anyway.
    For the dance part we can really go wild, from the music of the Sixties to Latino music and line dancing, even though personally speaking, my favourite is the revival music from the Seventies and the Eighties.
    But, pleasing all the guests, of different ages, is the common goal to follow, always…

    The repertoire for the Ceremony varies in case of civil wedding or religious rites and in accordance to the artistic team that will be chosen. For this specific part, I am at your disposal to propose some ideas of repertoire only once I know what the bride and the groom desire.

  • Songs by request

    Is normal procedure that you spouses may ask for pieces that have a special meaning to you and that you would like them to be played during your big day.
    I recommend to take a decision with great advance, usually during the introductory meeting, so that there is enough time to prepare songs properly in case such pieces are not already in the repertoire.
    Moments to be customised are normally the ENTRANCE in the LOCATION and the FIRST DANCE. Sometimes you may have other requests, i.e. a dance with parents or other stuff according to the couple… but these are details that may be discussed together.
    If the songs chosen might not be in line with my vocality, it is up to me to get the original recording and insert it in the musical program at the right moment.

    For the spouses who desire to have “more control” of the pieces to be played during the day, I propose to download the entire LIST OF MY REPERTOIRE so that they may recommend their preferences. It won’t be a problem to me to sing a song you choose rather than one chosen by me… obviously it has to be compatible with the atmosphere of the moment… (this is impossible whether you opt for the live band).

  • Audio equipment

    The audio system is going to be set up in accordance to your needs and to the logistics of the Location.
    If the reception needs to use different areas during the day (i.e.: welcome cocktail in the garden, dinner indoor, dance in another area, etc…), I recommend two different and independent designated positions, so that guests may not see any inappropriate “relocation” during the party.
    A third music area might be easily managed for the pre-recorded wired wireless or for the dj set.
    Light system upon request.

  • Team

    If you wish to organise a high-class wedding reception, with great music of atmosphere without giving up amusement, live bands represents the best choice. Duo, trio or the complete band.
    From the guests’ arrival, we make the atmosphere enchanting and elegant and, for the second phase, we are going to captivate guests and spouses in the real PARTY!

    In the “partners” section of the site you may find my colleagues and artistic teams that I may offer.

    It is going to be the warmth of the sound of a sax to welcome your guests or the elegant notes of a violin… Let you carry by the sound of an acoustic guitar or by the notes of a piano… combined with the warm and sparkling richness of the voice…

    In order for you to have one contact person for the entire Musical service, I may propose “music packages” which include the Ceremony entertainment (both civil and religious wedding) up to the end of the party.

  • Other services

    If you like to have a special entertainment, I often cowork with really great artists who I may recommend. For example:
    – dj;
    – “fake waiter” (an actor who goes around the tables playing tricks with the guests and informs them only at the end with a performance);
    – children’s entertainer;
    – entertainer and dancer for the group dance;
    – professional photographer;
    – video professional;
    – party favors.

  • Costs

    If you have read so far and you got up to here, it means that you have probably understood that, considering the multiple variables and choice possibilities, asking for a generic quote is impossible for a service of music entertainment of a wedding. You understand that the style and what the bride and the groom desire are the things on which you choose everything; this is why I am at your disposal for an appointment with no obligation, where we may get to know each other and I will be able to understand your style, your personality and the atmosphere you think about for your special day.

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