Through my photo galleries you can discover my path and my collaborations over the years.

1995_ My night events in public begin in 1995, with the “S.O.Sound”, the first band I created with Lara Colombari and Rosanna galante (voices), Giordano Signori (guitar), Fabio Zecchinato (bass), Antonio Bianco (piano) and Christian Capizzi (drums).

1997_… and I also started the pianobar with Mauro Agus. Everything began during the working season in Corsica. I had the chance to work with him for several years, learning so many things relating to what pianobar really meant!

1997_ I left the S.O.Sound to join Pedro’s Blues, a band of 11 elements, proposing rhythm blues great classics.
We were so distributed: me being the voice, Sergio Tarricone (Guitar and male voice), Fabrizio Faule (Drums), Guido Gaviani (bass), Eugenio Vighetti (guitar), Antonio Parzanese (piano), Marco Benso (tenor and baritone saxophone), Denis Marescotti (contralto saxophone/trombone), Daniele Gaido (trumpet) and Davide Arnosio (trumpet).

1999_ this is the year when I meet my friend Luca Martinelli who calls me for a replacement in a restaurant. Thanks to this, a partnership starts as well as a great friendship with Simone Bresciani, Paolo Ottimo and Gianluca Savia.
A short partnership with Simone Bresciani.
The piano player and dear friend Gianluca Savia, always ready to help when the piano player “bailed out”!
The partnership with Paolo Ottimo strengthened both as a piano bar duo and the production of unreleased pieces and it lasted until 2005.

2002_ Thanks to the collaboration with the recording studio BluWave the project “Shweps” is born. I am the protagonist along with another singer, Samantha Ferreri. A repertoire mainly revisiting the legendary dance songs from the 70s and the 80s, with some touch to pop songs and unreleased pieces. The project was aborted after a year and half.

2003-2004_ My path with Paolo Ottimo continues…

2003_ A new women collaboration starts with Corinne Metauro.

2004_ Thanks to my friendship with music group members, I work with “Roxy Band” (Vasco Rossi’s coverband) as chorister for a while.

2004_ The collaboration with Daniele Longo begins, lasting for several years. “The Daniels” are born..

2005_ From October to December 2005, I have a shot at presenting for the program “A city to sing” directed by BluWave Studio, broadcast on Quadrifoglio TV. The program was addressed to those ones who love singing, it was like a karaoke with video recording and television spot. The closing was dedicated to one of my pieces, I was supported by Paolo Ottimo at the piano and Tony De Gruttola at the guitar.

2005_ My first acoustic duo with Christian Gazzetta.

2005_ The “Diendì” were born with Daniele Gallo, a pianobar duo that will last until 2017.

2006_ Towards the end of 2006, the meeting with a colleague and old friend, Luca Marty. What better occasion to “duet” together again…

2007_ My collaboration with Davide Magro, already started some years ago, continues… a duo meant to entertain, “thrown together” anytime we had the chance to…

2007_ My desire to sing together comes true. With Gigi Capogna we become “2emotions”, acoustic duo guitar and voice.

2009_ The 2emotions become the 3emotions, along with Daniele Longo at the guitar.

2010_ The collaboration with Jessica Mazzoccoli begins. It will last many years. A new female duo is born, “Sound of Soul”.  >>>SEE HERE<<<

2010_“The Daniels” path continues…

2013_The Diendì path continues…

2014_ I start a collaboration with Walter Macatena, a dear friend and a really great musician… and the duo voice and violin “About chords” is born.   >>>SEE HERE<<<

2014_“The 19th Symphony” acoustic duo guitar and voice is born with Ivano Gruarin.    >>>SEE HERE<<<

2015_ The Sound of Soul female duo’s path continues…    >>>SEE HERE<<<

2015_ The collaboration with Silvio Ferro at the guitar begins, and it will last for years.

2015_ I was asked for a group with multiple singers for the New Year’s Eve at Montreaux Casino. We gathered some people and we left for Switzerland. Donald Damiani, Roberto Pretto, Léna Matt-Belvedere and Vlada with me at the voice, Ivano Gruarin at the guitar and Antonio Belvedere at the piano.

From 2016 up to today_ The 19th symphony’s path continues. The duo becomes a trio with sax or percussions.   >>>SEE HERE<<<

From 2016 up to today_ “About chords” keep up with their path as well…   >>>SEE HERE<<<

2016-2020_ Following our active collaboration with some members of the group, I join the “Take Care” band, a live band so composed: Donald Damiani and me to the voice, Ivano Gruarin at the guitar, Edoardo Ramella to sax, Italo Graziana to the drums, Barbara Pungitore at the piano, Aldo Valerioti at the bass. Today the group is different: Lorenzo Prencipe at the bass, Enzo Degioia at the piano and another saxophonist, Lino De Carolis.

2016_ Our nights at the Montreaux Casino keep happening: both for a special event organized in October with guest star Annalisa Minetti and for the New Year’s Eve.
Group in October: Donald Damiani and me at the voice, Ivano Gruarin at the guitar, Edoardo Ramella at the sax and Franco Tibs both voice and at the piano.
Group for the New Year’s Eve: Jessica Mazzoccoli and me at the voice, Ivano Gruarin at the guitar, Edoardo Ramella at the sax and Franco Tibs both voice and at the piano.

2016_ My path with Silvio Ferro continues…

2016_ The collaboration with Enzo Degioia at the piano happens from time to time.

Since 2017 up to today_ Finally, Davide Magro and Daniela decide to create a proper duo, after many years of discontinuous collaboration. So the Mr Wonder is born.    >>>SEE HERE<<<

Since 2020_ The 19th Symphony’s path continus.   >>>SEE HERE<<<

Since 2020_ From The 19th Symphony Duo, born the  Band, “The 19th Symphony Band”.    >>>SEE HERE<<<

Since 2020_ Mr Wonder’s path, with davide Magro,  continues. Together also in the 19th Band.    >>>SEE HERE<<<

From 2020_ “About chords” keep up with their path as well…   >>>SEE HERE<<<

From 2020_ The collaboration with Nunzio Adragna at the piano, begins.

From 2022_ The collaboration with Diego Budicin at the guitar, begins. The “OneWay” Duo.

From 2022_ The collaboration with another singer and friend, Antonia Piccirillo, begins.

From 2022_ The collaboration with Alberto Rubatti at the guitar, begins.

From 2022_ The Daniels, the duo with Daniele Longo on piano and vocals, changes face and style becoming “The Radio Channel”.

2023_ “La Dolce Vita” trio is born with Walter Matacena at the violin and Paolo Gambino at the piano.   >>>SEE HERE<<<