For Public Events I mean live music in a restaurant, a pub, a cocktail bar, a music festival and so on… An event organized by the location manager directly, who desires to offer something more and special to his/her customers.


It is crucial to understand the needs and style of the place, the music where to create the desired atmosphere and to make every guest protagonist.
The choice of the repertoire and team depends on the kind of request I receive:
– Background music for the guests during a dinner, with discretion and an adequate volume.
– Cheerful and lively in case of rhythm and dance.
– Delicate and refined to catch the audience’s attention who simply desires to have a drink and enjoy a concert.


To me the word passion is the KEY of the services I offer, being important guarantee of quality: the music that conveys cheerfulness, amusement and emotion is indeed the one played with heart and enthusiasm.

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Let’s plan your event together by choosing the most suitable musicians and training for the occasion …