I was born to Turin, although my origins are seasoned with the warm flavors of the South of Italy. 43 years passed by since then and not many less since the first time “I shuddered” before an audience… although the stage belonged to the oratory and the director was Sister Marcellina… But you need to start from somewhere, and so does the passion… and often it happens to be while facing a mirror…



The musical frame is a crucial detail for the success of an event, Music needs to be accurately conceived and organized, both for a public event in a club, a restaurant, a music festival and so on… and for a private event such as a birthday party, a graduation party, a wedding…

In my opinion, every event has its own precise concept, this is why the task of the one who takes care of the music entertainment is to understand the client’s needs and style. Sober, formal, lively, romantic…



Through the photo, video and audio galleries I tell you my path.

Years of music lived with passion … years of collaborations with professionals from whom I have been able to learn a lot … years of friendships and gratifications …






A page dedicated to the next shows, private and public.
If you wish to participate in a public event you will find all the necessary information to reach me, and, if a reservation is required, you will find the email or telephone number to contact.



I am fortunate enough to work with competent colleagues, ready to offer creativity and professionalism, helping me in reaching the common goal to meet the most different artistic requests… from the duo to the complete band, you will be able to find all the necessary information.