The 19th Symphony

Daniela D’Errico & Ivano Gruarin_Acoustic duo guitar and voice

…… If I have to be sincere, the project, started with the guitarist Ivano Gruarin, was a different one at the beginning. We met in 2014 to develop another idea which did not come out as we expected… but since nothing happens by accident, in the end, we had an outcome anyway. The hours we worked together and the empathy we created gave birth to The 19th Symphony.


A collection of songs, both modern and evergreen, Italian and international, skilfully revisited and rearranged by Ivano Gruarin in the key “guitar and voice” and enriched by my interpretation.


Best choice in those situations in which you desire a sparkling music background with an original taste.
We are working on our unreleased songs, that we are going to propose during our performances soon.

A very dear friend says about us:

Vocal cords and guitar strings, strings that reverberate, empathic and vibrant.

Enchanting warmth, cozy and charming, twisted by sudden powerful lashings.

Melodies that confront each other, face each other in an acoustic duet to deal with pauses.

They are music notes, high pitched and unrespectful as they were a whirlwind of teasing and annoying fairies.

The magic of a breath that becomes a sound, the harmony of a touch that, vibrant, stands out,

Ivano Gruarin and Daniela D’Errico: intertwined cords in an intricate work of sonority.

(Cristina Ottimo)