It seemed right to me and I want to mention some people who somehow participated in the creation of the site …


Starting from the images of the SLIDES and the BACKGROUNDS, many are taken from my videos, others from the videos of Rocco Marando (The Creative Lab) or from shots by Bruno Vaglio (Blufoto) and Alessandro Laganella (Randagi multimedia).

In particular:

SLIDE The 19th Symphony: photo by Alessandro Laganella (Randagi multimedia)

SLIDE About chords: taken from videos by Rocco Marando (The Creative Lab)

SLIDE Sound of Soul: photo by Rocco Marando (The Creative Lab)


VIDEO: For the most part I have to thank Rocco Marando, I don’t list them because they are so many … Thanks also to:
Giordano Signori (GS Movie)
Bluwave Studio
Nando Cam for the video “Locked out of heaven” 2014


AUDIO: Thanks to Andrea Signori (Bluwave Studio)


REVISIONE TESTI: Thanks to Cristina Ottimo


TRADUZIONE INGLESE: Thanks to Fulvia Ramella



Rocco Marando (The 19th Symphony_Trio Sax 2015) (The 19th Symphony_Gambrinus 2019) (Sound of Soul_almost the whole gallery)

Rocco Marando and Giordano Signori (A night at the theater 2018 e 2019_Take Care)

Alessandro Laganella (About chords_Matrimonio in trio 2015)

Massimo Bizzarro (The 19th Symphony_Gambrinus 2014)

Francesco Maltese (The 19th Symphony_La kascina 2019)

Bruno Vaglio (3emotions_Marzo 2010)

Solativo Vinosteria (Serate al Solativo 2018 e 2019)


TIPS and “moral support”: Thanks to Ivano Gruarin and Alessandro Laganella


Logo, graphic and web realization by Gr4phicart