An unusual as much as unconventional artistic team who sees me next to Daniele Longo, piano and voice, and to Walter Matacena, violin.
Already involved with both of them in two different projects РThe Daniels with Daniele Longo and About Chords with Walter Matacena Рwhen I was asked to add a musician, the occasion was right in front of me and so we created a trio that gathers the emotions of both repertoires blended together in one. Original and sparkling, it goes from the Italian authored songs up to the international ones from the European and American culture. Pop songs, reggae, Latino, country… they all have in common a unique style, the one of the Unconventional Trio.

Best choice, this one as well, if you desire to create a pleasant musical background and discrete at the same time during cocktails, aperitif-dinners or other situations where music should enrich the atmosphere without being annoying.