My first partnership with Take Care was accidental…
Already involved in other bands with the guitarist Ivano Gruarin and the saxophonist Edoardo Ramella, in December 2015 I was asked along with the band’s frontman and singer, Donald Damiani, to create a specific team for a very important event at the Montreaux Casino… The mutual feeling and empathy that was born during the days right before the performance and the relaxed and pleasant mood we shared on the stage, made Donald ask me to work together, as special guest in the first place and, afterwards, as a singer in addition to the band.
The band Take Care is made up of: Donald Damiani and me at the voice, Ivano Gruarin on guitar, Edoardo Ramella on sax, Italo Graziana on the drums, Barbara Pungitore on the keyboards, Lorenzo Prencipe on bass.

The reaction of the audience to the repertoire offered by our team made us go further in the attempt, a successful one, in obtaining a hybrid band which is able to offer background music but ready to become a party band with a rockabilly influence, being different to the usual disco-dance music from the Seventies, which is offered by most of the existing bands.

Being on the stage with the Take Care is always a rush of positive energy and satisfaction that we convey to the audience during more than two-hour performance thanks to very famous songs revisited and always played live.
Suitable to any kind of event, from concerts in square up to weddings where the bride and the groom really desire to leave an unforgettable memory to their guests.