Cantante per feste private Torino e provincia


What I mean as private parties are those events such as birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, weddings (see the specific section), business dinner or any other event someone would like to properly celebrate with friends, relatives and colleagues.
Music should highlight the important moments of the day, it should accompany with the right elegance, create the right atmosphere and make every guest protagonist.

    The aperitif is the welcome to all the participants, the calling card fundamental to get immediately along with them. Discretion and an appropriate volume are due considering that conversations should proceed smoothly.
    In order not to weigh down the hubbub and the buzz that inevitably accompany the courses that follow one another, it is possible to opt for a wired-wireless playlist, combined with some delicate moments of live music. Alternatively, according to the location and the tables arrangement, you may opt for a constant background of live music with an accurate repertoire, which may be a company for the guests.
    From the moment the open bar is open, rhythms, volumes and alcoholic level remarkably increase. Thanks to the adequate music selection, you will see the 75-year-old grandma dancing along with the 16-year-old girl with a nose ring…


In addition to my presence as a singer I am at your disposal to consider the best musical offer with the guests of honor. I can rely on capable colleagues, ready to propose their creativity and professionalism, helping me to meet the most different requests and needs. My repertoire is really wide, and it satisfies every kind of audience and situation. I offer pieces belonging both to the Italian and international repertoires either taken from the past and contemporary and up-to-date, from the slow dance up to the lively one, either intended for the only listening or for softer moments with a delicate repertoire, but sparkling as well, where music is only the frame. And in the most festive moments, let the dance begin with the everlasting songs from the Seventies and the Eighties, the Latino music, and the line dancing and so on…